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TTG Travel Experience narrative workshop

Writers, video makers and photographers tell the audience how to create effective and innovative promotional tools.

A space dedicated to creativity, with open and direct discussion between the public and expert storytellers.

Discover the authors and videomakers, who over the three-day event will tell the story of tomorrow's tourism and hospitality.

Valerio Barchi

Head in the “clouds”.
Describing the world in cartoon strips

The comic-strip narration of landscapes, history, art and culture of places: how to design it and how to build it to create extraordinary stories, as explained by a nomadic artist equipped with a pen, pantone and watercolours. He works while travelling, creating comic strips in a vintage 1989 motorhome.

Book: "Bona Via!"

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Simone Masotti

In tandem with Mr. Pk
Talking about the beneficial power of holidays

What words should we use to communicate the beneficial power of holidays to people felling unhappy, inadequate or suffering from illness? The testimony and advice of a traveller who every day experiences and talks about how, in every situation, even seemingly disincentivising ones, travelling helps us to regain our freedom and well-being, in all its forms. This follows Albert Einstein's rule, according to which: “life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving”.

Book: "On my bicycle I’m free. Travelling with Parkinson's" (Ediciclo)

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Fulvia Ottonello

Travel agents... on the road
Turning the travel guide into a novel

A genuine publishing success. Written for fun by a travel agent, it has turned into a regional promotion product, recognised by tourism offices and shipping companies, which sell it on board. A fictional guidebook that turns out to be an explosive mix of fun, excitement and strong passions. An unusual way of enthralling readers with descriptions of places, people, cafés, restaurants and hotels.

Book: "Corsica to be loved" (ERREDI GRAFICHE)

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Rocco D'Alessandro


Jacopo Tabanelli

Rocco D'Alessandro + Jacopo Tabanelli

Inside the Enchantment of Magic
Words for the new travel well-being

Ancient prophecies, shamanic rites, stories of arrivals and departures intersect with those of intriguing characters.
The land is transformed into a mental frontier, following a narrative key between the surreal and the phantasmagorical that invites travellers to “lose themselves to find themselves again”, embracing new travel styles.
The aim is to promise unexpected wonders, drawing readers into a daydream that can be replicated by visiting the places featured in the stories.

Books: "Adriatic Brazil - Magical Realist Tales from the Trabocchi Coast" and "Visionary Peru – A Mystical Journey through the Sacred Valley of the Incas"

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Luisella Colombo

Worlds to touch
Multi-material and multi-sensory: guides that spark the imagination

How can you make a city, a location or a region tangible, fascinating readers and enticing them to visit? Paper is often not enough, unless embellished with tactile, musical or vocal inserts. In this way, books and catalogues transcend objective limits, step into unexpected dimensions and draw readers into a pre-holiday experience that leaves the right impression.

Book: "Genoa from sea to sky" (Gooocom)

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Alessandro Zunino

Unsustainable sustainability: journey in the shadow of the dams

Producing energy by blocking the natural course of a river may seem almost sustainable, but it is not. 
When the border between two nations is a river and not a wall, a crossing can turn into pleasure and a limitation into an opportunity. This is what the Mekong does for two-thirds of its Laotian course, increasingly besieged by the construction of foreign hydropower plants. 
To pay the price, in addition to the already strained ecosystem (the second largest in the world after the Amazon), is the population living on the river margins, relocated to prefabricated villages in the hills. Alessandro Zunino, photojournalist and filmmaker, has created this book-reportage documenting the life of the population "in the shadow" of some dams already built, under construction and planned.
An encounter with unsustainable sustainability.

Book: "Laos, in the shadow of the dams" (Il Canneto)


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Francesca Ruvolo

Things for women, but not only
Conquering the target group of solo female travellers

Tips to entice women travelling alone to go to every corner of the world. Information to help them set off with peace of mind and experience every aspect of the holiday to the full. The tale of a traveller who has visited 50 countries and does not plan to stop, confirming that every woman can also discover the world on her own, and have the pleasure of unlocking her own creative potential and the value of her femininity. Everything destinations and locations need to know to consider themselves truly woman-friendly.

Book: "Happiness is a simple thing" (Rizzoli)

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Andrea Gioia

Get the Film started
When the media drive travel trends

How much do the media influence the shift in travel flows? Which productions have left their mark, opening new tourist routes and bringing in new models of holiday consumption? We find out in this entertaining roundup that includes Walter Bonatti's reports for Epoca, the documentaries of the rather dramatic Fogar with Jonathan: Dimensione Avventura, the cinematic innovation of Turisti per Caso and the old-style expeditions revived by Overland. As well as the most current forms of travel communication created with YouTube, the serial Kilimanjaro project, Viaggi al Rallentatore, Lonely Planet and all that print media that has been able to adapt to the modern world.

Book: "Travellers - The evolution of travel reporting in Italy"

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Tommaso Landi

A complete mystery 
Thrillers and regional promotion

The detective story as a means of raising awareness of a place and making it both mysterious and appealing. During a secret auction at the prestigious Villa Pliniana, held on the same day as the opening of a luxury hotel, a work of crypto art is stolen. Contained on a USB stick, the work actually conceals an algorithm created by scientists to manipulate the climate through the butterfly effect... All this in an area and in locations that the detective story invites us to discover in all their many facets.

Book: "The Wrath of Nuba" (Nep Edizioni)

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Sara Meazzini

The future hangs on a thread
New maps for environmentally-friendly tourism

Travellers’ sensitivities are changing and so therefore is the guidance needed to move around. What we need are guides who can respond to contemporary needs, for tourists choosing to travel sustainably and consciously. Alongside food specialities, traditional festivals and cultural curiosities, the description of places thus also includes information for e-drivers and e-bikers that can change the usual tourist routes, leading visitors to discover unexpected places.

Guide to be published in April 2024: "The First Guide for Electric Travellers – Italy"

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Matteo Piva

The Human Factor
Describing the deeper meaning of the journey

Walking as a way to be reborn, a source of inspiration to rediscover the joy lost along life’s path. More and more people are deciding to spend their holidays in a slow way, simply by walking. But how can we talk about this new way of travelling? What words can we use to bring out its potential and make its deeper meaning understood?

Author of the book: "In search of the Dawn"

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A discussion between videomakers who have used original narrative solutions to describe regions and locations. A quick review of the videos selected for Book&Go 2023, commented on by the authors, enabling us to understand the importance of creating a precise script, suggesting an unusual and unexpected point of view and leveraging the most effective empathetic resources to arouse the viewer’s curiosity.

Here are the selected videomakers:

Carlotta Conti, Regional Promotion

Always a lover of the area where she was born, Lake Como, since 2016, Carlotta has been the sales manager for Lake Como Tourism, dealing mainly with the management of the magazine Lake Como Tourism - Travel & Style. Through constant contact with people, places, activities and companies of the Lake Como area, she can deliver empathetic and engaging narratives.

She also organises events and promotional activities with the aim of creating a solid network of contacts between the various partners in the sector and grow the local brand.

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Andrea Dalla Costa, Art Director and Advertising Director

Andrea has always had a passion for drawing, hence his artistic studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice and specialisation in Integrated Communication Techniques. After gaining varied experience as an art director in well-known advertising agencies, in 2018, he decided to specialise in the tourism sector.

He has contributed to major artistic events, including the 51st Visual Arts Biennale in Venice and the Exposition des peintre italiens in Paris. He won the first Event System Identity prize at the 15th Mediastars awards and the same year, created the No-Body video installation at Milan’s Fuori Salone. He was selected as one of the co-directors of the first social media movie Life in a Day, produced by Ridley Scott and directed by Oscar winner Kevin MacDonald.

He was co-director for Sky Italia in the Buoncompleanno Italia project on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the Unification, and in 2011, he worked on the film Britain in a Day for the BBC. In 2013, he came second at the Musiclip Festival in Barcelona, and in 2014, he was nominated for the David di Donatello Awards for the short film Le note di Giulia. The same year, Ridley Scott's Scott Free commissioned him to make some clips for the film The Giver, starring Meryl Streep and Jeff Bridges.

To date, he has illustrated six children's books, part of philanthropic projects for hospitals.

In 2020, he documented 100 days of lockdown on film, which was included in documentaries and TV broadcasts by National Geographic, Disney+, TSVP / MSVP France.

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Daniele Foconi, Director and Producer

An archaeologist and diver, after graduating with a master's degree in archaeology and gaining academic experience at Rome’s Sapienza University, Daniele felt the need to talk about what he had studied in a way that could be enjoyed by a wide audience. 
His passions drove him to meet director and producer Salvatore Braca of Pandataria Film, with whom he made documentaries for Geo and Kilimangiaro. Following this experience, he was able to work with international production companies, for programmes such as Focus and Arté.

In May 2021, with archaeologist and researcher Mattia Ippoliti, he founded Jok Produzioni Srl, a company specialising in informative documentaries. The company's goal is to take a fresh look at the future, recounting small and big human adventures in an original and engaging way.

Contributions will be moderated by Alberto Cancian and Winki, with Debora Calomino and Francesca Ruvolo.

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The speeches will be moderated by Alberto Cancian and Winki with the participation of Debora Calomino and Francesca Ruvolo.
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