Events & conference
  • Wednesday, October 12, 2022
  • 15:30 - 16:30
  • Memo
  • Global Village Arena - Pav. C3
  • Rossella Sobrero President of Koinètica and FERPI

Communications expert, lecturer at the University of Milan and Cattolica University, and member of the Fondazione Pubblicità Progresso, Rossella Sobrero will be at TTG to advise tourism companies on how to communicate the theme of sustainability effectively and above all in a manner in line with travellers’ new sensibilities. Sustainability is a constantly evolving concept that is increasingly the focus of travellers' attention.

We must therefore pay the utmost attention to the content and the way in which a company communicates its social and environmental commitment. From exaggerated green claims to images that evoke values that do not correspond to reality, there is a range of risks inherent in communication. For their part, stakeholders have become more wary: customers demand information on the entire supply chain, investors reward transparency, employees demand consistency between declarations and actions. In her speech, Rossella offers an overview of the tools that help companies manage and communicate their activities properly: from commitments formalised in documents such as the Charter of Values and the Code of Ethics, to company policies; from product and process certifications to compliance with shared standards, not forgetting labels, packaging and reporting tools.

Link to the book: Verde, anzi verdissimo - Egea