Pro.stand is the best choice for your customized stand design and setup.

We’ll help you

  • Find innovative solutions for your brand and products’ display and enhancement.
  • Design a dashing stand made of high-quality materials and a visual communication plan in line with your objectives.
  • Provide you with constant assistance before, during and after the event.


Why choose Pro.stand.

  • Consolidated experience in the management of top-scale trade fair and congress events.
  • Ad hoc stand projects designed and implemented according to your briefing and budget.
  • Accent on creativity and functionality.
  • State-of-the-art quality of materials and auxiliary services (i.e. audio, video, lights).
  • A single point of contact from the earliest project draft up to finished turnkey installation.
  • Safe and reliable technical partners with proven experience in the field.
  • Experienced marketing and e-commerce management.
  • Warehouse and production facilities in Rimini for lower costs and prompt response in case of emergency and unpredictable situations.

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Gabriele Zoffoli - Head of Marketing

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