Special projects

An exhibition itinerary designed to promote and develop the entire food and wine value chain, its main players in catering and hospitality and the regions, under the banner of experiential tourism that brings travellers closer to local communities( pav. C4).

A journey of discovery taking in the places of origin of food and wine products and new excellence in catering, intended to highlight the strong link between the region and the tourist experience.

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Why food?

  •  for the link between the region’s products and tourism promotion 
  • for the symbolic value of food: it embodies the identity of a place and promotes the region’s distinctive features, respect for the environment, for the people who produce it and for local traditions
  • for promotion of gastronomic culture and biodiversity
  • for safeguarding of fair and sustainable agriculture
  • for promotion of gastronomic culture  in tourism promotion



The story promoters

  • Hotel/restaurant/Chef
  • Museum
  • Excellence wineries cellars
  • Cookery schools
  • Brands


  • Destinations
  • Accommodation facilities with top-class catering
  • Specialist operators
  • Consortia
  • Wineries and cellars
  • Food museums
  • Cookery schools
  • Food and wine tours

If you are interested in exhibiting in this area