Enrica Lemmi - Full Professor in Geography at the University of Pisa

Full Professor in Geography at the University of Pisa

Full Professor in Geography at the University of Pisa, Department of Political Sciences.
Managing director for Tourism, Education and Research at Fondazione Campus of Lucca.
Since 2022, member of Rotary Peace Fellowship Commission at 2071 District.
Keynote speaker on migration and tourism topics at Conference of Italian American Studies Association (IASA), Lucca, May 2022.
Since 2020, Director of the Executive Master in Management of Territorial Tourism Developmnet organized by Touring Club and Fondazione Campus.
Since 2017, speaker at Ecosistemi Digitali and Advisory board at BTO 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022.
Since 2015, President of the Technical-Scientific Regional Committee of Fondazione ITS TAB ("Tourism, Art and Heritage").
Technical Coordinator of some European projects: H.O.S.T. (The Heritage of Olive Tree for Sustainable Tourism COSME programme 2014); S.C.O.R.E. (Support for Capacities for Tourism of Retourning Emigrants, 2016); H.E.R.I.B.I.T.S. (Heritage Best Practice Models of Crowdfunding Intelligence to Enable the Culture Economy, 2017); HORIZON 2020 (INCULTUM: Visiting the Margins. INnovative CULtural ToUrisM in European peripheries, 2021-2024).
Since 2012 teacher of Economic and Political Geography at Accademia Navale in Livorno.
Since 2010, member of the PhD scientific board in Geopolitics at the University of Pisa.
Since 1996, researcher carrying out numerous research studies in the field of Urban Geography and Tourism Geography. Research Doctorate in Urban and Regional Geography in 1994. Degree with honours in Literature in 1984.
Author of numerous publications, and speaker at many conferences in Italy and abroad.

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