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• The Kingdom of Time is the new tourism identity of the Hashemite Kingdom, a brand that involves the age-old history and urban life of contemporary Arab hospitality

• At the international expo of Italian Exhibition Group from 12th to 14th October, Jordan will participate in all its historical and natural splendour, which make it one of the most desired destinations of Italian tourism

Rimini, 15th September 2022 . With its natural beauties and six UNESCO sites, from the iconic Petra to the recently listed city of Salt, the Kingdom of Jordan is the 2022 partner country of TTG Travel Experience. The international tourism expo organized by Italian Exhibition Group at Rimini expo centre from 12th to 14th October simultaneously with SIA Hospitality Design and SUN Beach&Outdoor Style, hosts in the halls of The World approximately fifty international destinations including countries, regions and cities of the Americas, Middle and Far East, the African shores of the Mediterranean, archipelagos and Europe. Among these, Jordan is the chosen foreign country that is bringing its new tourism identity to TTG: the Kingdom of Time.

The symbolic and historical richness of Salt, the city of tolerance and civil hospitality, in 2021 was the first centre urban of Jordan to be listed as a UNESCO site, after the three archaeological sites of Petra, Amra and Umm Al Rassas, and more: the desert of Wadi Rum and the baptism site of Bethany beyond the River Jordan. As well as the different landscapes, the tradition of age-old spirituality and faith and the contemporary Arab culture of opening up and welcoming everyone, these locations are the destinations of travellers looking for significant human experiences for their leisure time, business and health in a context of sustainable tourism for communities and territories.

The ´Kingdom of Time´ means a country in which geological time accelerates in the centre of a city, slows down with a dive at the coral reef of the Red Sea of Aqaba and even stops when viewing the lowest point on the planet, the Dead Sea, or under the sky of the desert of Wadi Rum. An approach to the times of travel and experiences that sets itself no true limits, in sync with the key idea of the 2022 edition of TTG Travel Experience: «Unbound», without any limits, which highlights the new requirements of post-pandemic travellers. And once more Jordan seems to respond best to Italian tourists´ expectations for the outgoing market: just four months after the reopening of frontiers to foreign travellers, thanks also to the flights provided by three airlines, Royal Jordanian, Ryanair and Wizz Air, Amman reports that Italians are the most numerous continental arrivals, with over 30,000 passengers, a boom repeated after the great performances in 2018 and 2019, to which the JTB (Jordan Tourism Board) aims to return with large promotional investments. Two years of lockdown didn´t stop Italians´ love for this marvellous destination.

Event: international exhibition; organizers: Italian Exhibition Group SpA; frequency: annual; Edition: 59th TTG, 71st SIA, 40th Sun; admittance: trade members only; web sites: #TTG22 - #SIA22- #SUN22

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