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• «Origins of Creation, SYNCRETIC (A)Identities, RITUALS & RULES, BE Life-ADAPTIVE, ONLY HUMAN?»: the five new Deep Trends™ for tourism industry professionals featured at the Italian Exhibition Group event held at Rimini Expo Centre

• In the AI era, the challenge is to retrieve the characteristics of the human experience -

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Rimini, 12 October 2023 . «A new changing cultural dimension». TTG Travel Experience, the tourism marketplace organized by Italian Exhibition Group at the Rimini Expo Centre from October 11-13, presents Vision +24.
A 3-day event with over 200 appointments, Vision TTG is without a doubt the industry´s hub for future tourism, inspiring trade professionals and promoting the evolution of the travel industry, rolling out the most significant innovations and consumer trends worldwide.

We´re living at the hinge of history, when new technologies are opening up unexpected possibilities for sorting and interpreting the complex flow of information that define our here and now, guaranteeing the option of greater predictive control over both nature and life. AI promises to map out whatever exists, bestowing unprecedented power on human beings. At the same time, however, we are witnessing the emergence of a need closely connected to the mystical and religious realm, a pairing that gives life to a new changing cultural dimension. «SUPERNATURAL» is today´s way of interpreting the present, influencing brands in their creation of products and services, selling sites, and the rationale behind accessibility to travel destinations.

Trends gaining momentum include packages allowing travellers to come into direct contact with artists, designers, musicians, artisans and spiritual guides, encouraging new ways of cultural contamination. The world of transport is progressively investing services that take care of the passenger as part of an ecosystem to be preserved, through new alliances between land-air vehicles, the optimization of routes, hydroponic crops on board cruise ships, the choice of fuel, the adaptation of infrastructure to new energy saving needs. Hotel companies are adopting building and interior design standards that foster sustainability, advocate local artisans and materials, incorporate and enhance greenery in their internal spaces. They are committed to reducing food waste, energy saving, reducing CO2 immisions, and growing zero-miles produce in their gardens and terraces. The real challenge is knowing how to retrieve the characteristics of human experience by quickly adapting to changing contexts. Themes that become case studies for trade professionals at the TTG Travel Experience, in the presentation of the five Deep Trends™ for 2024: Origins of Creation, SYNCRETIC (A)Identities, RITUALS & RULES, BE Life-ADAPTIVE, ONLY HUMAN?

Event: international trade show; organizer: Italian Exhibition Group SpA; recurrence: annual; edition: 60th; open to: reserved exclusively for industry professionals; website: - #ttgexpo

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Head of media relation & corporate communication: Elisabetta Vitali; press office manager: Marco Forcellini;
international press office coordinator: Silvia Giorgi;

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