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Press release of the 15/02/2019 11.24.12 ( download )

Rimini.Common work contexts defined. TTG Travel Experience will host
a meeting between the Minister and regional councillors for tourism

From Wednesday 9th to Friday 11th October 2019. These are the official dates of the next edition of TTG Travel Experience, which Italian Exhibition Group (IEG) is organizing at Rimini expo centre simultaneously with SIA Hospitality Design and SUN Beach&Outdoor Style.
The occasion of the announcement was the meeting held this morning in IEG´s Milan premises between Sen. Gian Marco Centinaio, Minister for agriculture, food, forestry policies and tourism and IEG CEO, Ugo Ravanelli. Italian Exhibition Director Patrizia Cecchi and Group Brand Manager Gloria Armiri also attended.

This morning´s appointment was useful for sharing the business contents that TTG will propose in October, a period that is strategic and useful for what the tourist trade has to offer in Italy and in the world in 2020. A strategy of continuity was established between the Ministry and IEG on the organized tourism market, by means of the three expos, with the possibility of launching common action for the realization of joint vertical projects on this precise theme. It was also established that Rimini expo centre will host the meeting between regional councillors and the Minister, which will include an open meeting with trade members. The morning´s agenda will also include the common work on quality food and wine linked with tourism, an unbeatable combination that is decisive for the sector´s growth.

Remarking on the importance of the presence of IEG in China as the organizer of trade fairs in Shanghai (SWTF) and Chengdu (TTM), the Minister explained that the Ministry is assessing the opportunity of creating a form of joint collaboration, involving ENIT.
Centinaio emphasized how Rimini´s TTG - the last edition of which reported the participation of 73,821 professional visitors and 2,850 exhibitors: ´represents a well-known brand in Italy and in the world, and is a guarantee and synonym of quality tourism.´