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Rimini, 8th October 2021 . After the enormous crisis of 2020, the figures for summer 2021 look encouraging and give hope for a gradual recovery, which should consolidate next year.
From the data collected by Italian Exhibition Group´s TTG Travel Experience, to be held at Rimini Expo Centre from 13th to 15th October, the first preliminary figures for the 2021 summer season confirm a recovery in holidays, especially among Italians. Booking channels, both traditional and online, indicated +46% for beach tourism and about 20% for mountain, lake and spa tourism. Arrivals in cities of art, traditionally the destination of foreigners, were still weak.
Italians did, however, choose nearby locations. 77.8% chose neighbouring regions, while 29% stayed in the same region. As far as foreigners are concerned, there were basically no intercontinental tourists, while arrivals from abroad were mostly proximity tourists from Germany, France, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and Belgium.
Expectations for the coming months are positive. With the gradual reopening of borders and a reduction in health restrictions, a gradual return of tourists from the United States and non-EU countries is expected.

Tourist presences in Italy gradually increased as the months went by. To be precise, the trend reversal was recorded in June with -43% compared to June 2019, July with -14.5 while August reached substantial parity with August 2019 (-1.1%)

However, signs of the 2020 crisis, which continued into the first months of 2021, remain. Turnover in tourism services as a whole in the first quarter of 2021 fell by 44.8% compared to 2020 (when no major restrictions had yet been imposed), mainly affecting accommodation facilities, while restaurant activities suffered less.
In the first six months of 2021, compared to the first half of 2019, hotel stays decreased by 67.3% with -44.4% of Italians and -87.1 of foreigners. Also in the first half of 2021, compared to 2019, the occupancy rate of hotel rooms decreased by 60.3%.
Employment in the hotel sector was also affected, falling by 37.3% (-23.8 permanent employees, -45.5% temporary employees).
There was a positive, albeit moderate, balance between hotel businesses that opened and those that closed, which in the first six months of 2021 was +39.

As for the total number of hotels in Italy, at the end of 2020 there were 32,202: 5.3% fewer than ten years earlier. But there has also been considerable redevelopment. In fact, the number of 5 and 4-star establishments has increased, while those in lower categories have decreased.
At the end of 2020, there were 571 5-star hotels (+57.7% over the decade), 6,144 4-star hotels (+20.9%), 17,794 3-star hotels (-0.9), 5,236 2-star hotels (-22.6) and 2,456 one-star hotels (-36%).

Sources: ENIT . ISTAT . Federalberghi

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