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It´s time to change shape freely to establish healthy and selective relationships between people and shift the focus from everyday objects or status to the continuous evolution of experiences.
Deep Trends™ for tourism presented on the first day of Italian Exhibition Group´s show
in Rimini from 13th to 15th October

Rimini, 11th October 2021 . «Transformation», the vision for the tourism industry finds inspiration in the Grecian myth of Proteus - the creature par excellence, capable of constantly changing shape and appearance. TTG Travel Experience, the Italian Exhibition Group marketplace, scheduled to take place from 13th to 15th October, presents its Vision 2022 ´Proteus. Shape Shifting´ on Wednesday, 13th October, at 4.30 pm in the Main Arena, in the South Entrance of Rimini Expo Centre. A veritable keynote address for industry professionals in search of inspiration and tools to anticipate market trends in such a rapidly changing world. From apps to retail, transformations in consumer tastes and values and the dynamics with which global companies are changing their objectives are outlined in five Deep Trends™ that redefine the goals of companies and travellers. For 2022, the analysis conducted for TTG foresees a basic trend towards retreats as a destination of choice in which to find ourselves, free from predefined convention, with the aim of restoring healthy and vital connections between individuals that capitalise on lasting experiences with high symbolic value.

Vision TTG 2022 will describe a panorama in which versatility, flexibility and the capacity for dynamic transformation become precious resources for new competitive strategies in tourism. ´Shape Shifting´, like Proteus in the Greek myth, is the present that urges brands to give new shape to products and services, sales locations and distribution logics.

Customary objects that will tend to dematerialise: a bag made of vegetable membrane or a building will dissolve over time to achieve, in one case, zero-waste and to disperse nutrients to revitalise a forest in the other. The fabrics our clothes are made of will be delivered to the point of sale and broken down to generate a new garment, in the name of circularity; in other cases, they will become hardware on which to conserve experiences, like an external disc. And, conversely, new factors that give permanence to the immaterial will enter into the digital world, such as Non Fungible Tokens, almost an official act of purchase that certifies the ownership of a work of art or a moment fixed in the memory of the Net; or the forthcoming launch of the first real estate investment fund in the digital ´metaverse´. The parallel world imagined by science fiction writer Neal Stephenson, which has won over Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook. Aesthetic standards, roles and genres are changing and with them the target audience of brands and their products.

Then there are themes more closely related to the tourism industry, with hotels that will extend their structures with prostheses (e.g. boats), theme parks that will take the form of cruises, while privacy and the need for inaccessibility will give rise to Do not disturb, a private travel community that launched a digital event dedicated to isolation in 2021. New luxury, therefore, no longer lies in solid objects, but in serenity, in positive relationships between people, places and animals, as in the wellness programme proposed by Forestis, Health Retreat in the Dolomites. These themes will become examples and case studies for tourism professionals attending TTG Travel Experience at the presentation of the five Deep Trends™ for 2022: Hidden Dimension, Healthy Reconnections, Free To Become, Ad Aeternum and, lastly, Evanescent.

Event: international trade show; organizer: Italian Exhibition Group SpA; frequency: annual; edition: 58th TTG, 70th SIA, 39th Sun; entry: for trade only; website: #TTG21 - #SIA21- #SUN21

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