Buyer's Club

Buyer registration and matchmaking software puts buyers and sellers in contact with each other in a targeted manner that enables them to create an appointments' diary.

Buyers and sellers are profiled on the basis of:

  • Type of company
  • Size
  • Country of origin
  • Products
  • Destinations of interest
  • Target



Networking and targeted business

The appointments system is available online in a reserved area of the website, and makes attendance at the show more profitable for buyers and sellers.

Dates for prefixing meetings online are being worked out; they will be available for consultation soon.

Access to the appointment system is reserved for selected buyers and exhibitors in THE WORLD Area.

How it works

Buyers complete the profiling card, while sellers complete the offer card. After completing these directly in their reserved area, they can contact operators in attendance through an efficient search engine. Once the appointments are confirmed, the system generates a diary that enables buyers to come to the show with a precise schedule of meetings at the stands.