Events & conference

The space for strategies

Three days of debates, seminars and meetings to design the future of tourism and hospitality

The event within the event: inspirational content, internationally-renowned speakers, panel discussions with experts and companies, case histories, debates between operators.

► BE CONFIDENT is the main theme of the 2021 edition.

This theme puts authentic relationships of trust centre stage and asks us to think about how today’s consumers seek products that above all guarantee safety and well-being. From companies, we therefore expect empathy, reassurance and proximity. 
A strong commitment, which sees the travel and hospitality industry at the forefront.

The heart of the marketplace, the space designed for the communities of the three shows, hosting institutional events and the main players in tourism and hospitality. In a complex environment, subject to accelerated and irregular growth, the Arena again puts the spotlight on macro-trends in the sector.

The discussion space dedicated to the Italy Product in its various forms: culture, art, regions. It showcases new holiday formats that will help relaunch domestic resorts.

A space that will alternately host training events by FTOs and debates and seminars designed to improve individual performance and that of products in a wide variety of areas within the sector.

Focus on active outdoor holidays, new forms of experiential tourism and the case histories of new products and projects centred on sustainability, based on an attentive approach to regions to preserve their uniqueness and excellence. 

A window onto tourism geared towards the new breed of traveller, active players in a holiday focused on personal growth, commitment to the common good and emotional rebalancing. Debates and seminars on new forms of cultural tourism closely connected to the identity of places, with an in-depth exploration of ancient trails, historic villages, large and small museums and paths that promote Italy’s huge architectural, artistic and natural heritage. All this with a special focus on food and wine, and activities intended to support travel linked to Italy’s considerable excellence in agriculture and food.

The discussion space dedicated to the hospitality sector and its evolution. Marketing, communication, management strategies and a focus on the world of hotel catering: customers’ new requirements and the possible responses. The most effective and innovative solutions to be successful on the market and win guests’ trust.

The place that spotlights design for the hotel industry, where the best solutions for welcoming guests are planned and discussed. It will also host a focus on the world of taste in hotels: new customer requirements and possible responses. Sustainability and safe environments will be one of the central topics for debate. 

Providing sector operators with topical content and a space to discuss beach-related issues: regulations, product innovations, accessibility, environments, sustainability, safety, bars and catering.

Focus on “alfresco” holidays, including new furnishing solutions and trends to get the most out of outdoor spaces. Campsite opportunities, hospitality and new regulations on glamping.  

Think Future is an interactive space for you to meet and talk to leading companies, gain updates on the news and trends in the industry, and make your experience at the show even more worthwhile.

Why take part:

  • to gain updates, get to know people and get yourself known
  • to refine and complement your professional skills
  • to find out the trends and update your strategies
  • to meet the industry’s key players
  • to network
  • to find new ideas and solutions
  • to enter the digital world of innovation
  • to get to know innovative companies

One of the main reasons for visitors to attend is to take part in events, get training and explore the themes of the sector in-depth: it comes in second place with 69.3% of preferences, immediately after “Discover market developments” with 70.7% of preferences
* Grs/Customer Satisfaction data

It multiplies networking and dialogue opportunities with your customers, with visitors, and with the industry’s key players and brands. You increase your visibility, tying your name to the issues of innovation and change, and highlight your role as a market leader.